Meet The Staff At St Patrick's Gordon

​At St. Patrick's we have a wonderful team of talented individuals comprising of teachers, administration staff, learning support officers and cleaners.

Paul McDowell


Classroom Teachers


Jamie Lamb 

Senior School Teacher

Fiona Conroy & Eliza Smith

Middle School Teachers

Libby McKew 

Junior School Teacher

Curriculum Leaders


Jamie Lamb

Learning Diversity

Fiona Conroy

Wellbeing Leader

Libby McKew

Religious Education Leader

Specialist Teachers


Trish Lannen

Visual and Performing Arts Specialist Teacher

Denise Buttler

LOTE Japanese Specialist Teacher

Fiona Conroy

Science Teacher 

Learning Support Staff


Amanda Labbett

Learning Support Officer

Cheryl Sadler

Learning Support Officer



Julie Toohey

Administration Officer



Vivian Lunt

Pastoral Care Worker

Peaceful Kids Facilitator

Risk and Compliance Officer

Amanda Labbett

Cleaning Staff


Suzanne and Gary Sugars

School Cleaners