2024 Enrolments


St. Patrick's Primary is a school for all students of Gordon, Mt. Egerton and the surrounding district. Enrolment is open to both Catholic and non Catholic families and we offer a comprehensive curriuclum that caters to each individual student's learning journey.

We are strucured into 4 Learning Areas - Foundation, Years One/Two, Years Three/Four and Years Five/Six.

We offer specialist classes in Japanese, Visual Arts, Physical Education and STEAM (science/technology/engineering/art/mathemetaica), along with privatemusic lessons for both indiviudal and small groups of students.

Tours are run at times to cater for indiviudal families and their work commitments. We offer these Before and After school hours along with tours during school hours to see school in action. Please contact the office on 03 5368 9495 or email principal@spgordon.catholic.edu.au

We encourage all families to visit our school and see the difference we can offer for your child.